About Me

I try to live a simple life.  Try being the operative word.  Do not confuse simple with relaxing.  Life gets hectic.  As a husband, father to two adult sons, one teenage daughter, and one soon to be grandson, life doesn’t always cooperate with my idea of simple.  Hectic is standard, and simple is relative.  No matter how hectic life gets at times, living on seven acres in an almost 100 year old house, just outside of a rural town of about 1,500 and a three hour drive from any major metro with an airport, life is simple.

I lived a complicated life, for far too many years.  Four years ago my wife and I chose to leave the big job and city life behind us and move to a slower pace with less distractions.  A simple DIY project requires days of planning to ensure that I get everything from the hardware store before they close. I learned my lesson after attempting to fix a leaky toilet at 5pm on a Saturday and realizing I needed a part from the hardware store that had just closed and would not open again until Monday morning.  With no water in the house, our family packed in the car and had to drive 45 miles to a big box store in order to buy the $5 part I needed.

Through it all, my wife loves me, respects me, and shows it all of the time.  She allows me to make mistakes gracefully and usually doesn’t laugh at me too loudly and certainly not in public.  While she has watched me on this journey, even thought she doesn’t understand it all, she has been supportive and stood beside me.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life to complete me as a human.

Life is simple and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Despite my simple life, I have never been able to turn off my brain.  My wife affectionately refers to this condition as “having a lot of words.”  I am pretty sure that’s her way of saying I never shut up, but she is much more loving in her choice of words.  I am always thinking and trying to process through those thoughts.  Thus the title of my blog.  Processing Thoughts is a perpetual state of mind for me.  For the last year and a half I have been on a spiritual journey that has taken me on a ride I would have never expected.  I spent about 30 years more or less following the Baptist denomination (with some Assembly mixed in there).  Last summer, during my morning prayer time, something changed.  I started seeing scripture differently.  It wasn’t gradual.  It was immediate.  I felt a deep love for Israel and Jewish people.  I had this deep desire to understand the original context of the scripture.  How was it written originally?  What was the original intent, context, and understanding?  What has happening in history at the time of the writing?  My journey began and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since. If you care to read more detail about how I ended up where I am, read my post How did I get here?

Because I am processing my thoughts publicly, forgive me for mistakes or changing direction.  I am not a scholar.  I do not have a masters degree.  I have not been studying for years of my life.  I will probably say the wrong thing on more than one occasion.  I am just a simple guy, trying to make sense of it all.  My goal is to use this as a method to process and perhaps my thoughts may help others on their journey.